Private Residence Z

Scope: Interior Architecture and Design

Status: In progress

This urban setting residence located in new development ten minutes walk from the sea and historical center of the city. Main features are intertwined relation between rough unfinished and sleek elements, work of contrasts give this residence a timeless feel, being classic and modern at the same time. Natural oak chevron flooring is suspended in concrete with a brass inlay border, a classic wall with moldings serves as a central guiding core and adjacent to unfinished concrete walls and ceilings. Master suite with its cloudy sky walls generates the feeling of relaxation, and bathroom features a marble shower, stone-cast freestanding tub, and matte black plumbing fixtures. In kids bathroom, we paired whimsical floral tiles with earthy stone, which gives you an impression of being in the jungle.

Kitchen +Living Room Gray Adjusted.jpg

Architectural Finishes and Lighting

Material Pallet is nature driven high in content and texture, neutral in color it emphasizes the unique qualities of each material.


Progress Report